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Official sites

The Guard on GlobalTV
The Guard blog, written by Ryan "Wendell" Robbins new

The Guard Fan Sites has a group called "The Guard TV Series"

Cast websites - fan and official - Official (fan)site with forum

Jeremy Guilbaut Livejournal Community - Official fansite with forum - Official site with forum, including Search and Rescue Rumours - fansite in both German and English

Recurring Cast websites - David James Elliott fansite
AllAboutDJE - Official site - Fan site

Guest Star websites - Official site - Official fan club

Coast Guard links

The Canadian Coast Guard
CCG on Wikipedia
CCG Pacific Region - with a nice photo section
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - with gift shop! new
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific - great photo section
NSS - National Search and Rescue Secretariat contains some pictures of CCG vessels, taken by a retired CO

Special Canadian Links:
MLB Centennial Coast Guard Celebration at Bamfield in June 2008
Bamfield Chamber of Commerce>
Bamfield Marine Sciences Center - with LiveCam!
Maritime Museum of British Columbia
- where you can enroll your kids in Pirate School!

International Search and Rescue Competition
About the MLB - volunteers searching satellite photos - interesting US Coast Guard site - Lifeboat Services Around the World
USCG - United States Coast Guard >
U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue
RNLI - Royal National Lifebot Institution
Association for Rescue at Sea, Inc.
International Maritime Rescue Federation
ILS - International Life Saving Federation

Squamish Links

District of Squamish - outdoor recreation capital of Canada
Squamish on Wikipedia

Company links

Brightlight Pictures
Halifax Film Crosby Marine James Forsyth Casting

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