In the Media - October 29, 2008

From October 23: "He stands on ‘Guard’ for you",
by Melissa Hank
Read the Steve Bacic interview on new - October 29, 2008

"The Guard returns with 'sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll",
by Randy Shore
Read the Steve Bacic interview on new

The Province - October 28, 2008

"Salomaa's Happy Sailing the Waves",
by Glen Schaefer
Read the Sonya Salomaa interview in The Province new

Toronto Sun - October 24, 2008

"Get Caught on Guard",
by Bill Harris
Read the Steve Bacic interview in Toronto Sun new

TVFeedsMyFamily.blogspot - January 29, 2008

"We stand on Guard'",
by Bill Brioux
More Zoie Palmer interview - and voting on which Canadian TV series you think has the best shot at getting picked up in the US.
Voting ends February 8th.

CanadaEast Online - January 24, 2008

"Toronto-raised actress Zoie Palmer takes the plunge on 'The Guard'",
by Bill Brioux
Read Zoie Palmer's interview

The Province - January 22, 2008

"Coast guard crew in off-guard mode",
by Glen Schaefer
Read the Steve Bacic interview in The Province

Jeremy Guilbaut interview on - January 21, 2008

"The Guard’ new territory for TV",
by Stephanie Soli
Read the Jeremy Guilbaut interview on

Guard Cast on Urban Rush - January 21, 2008

Let me just repeat: David James Elliott plays David Renwald - NOT David Nelson.
His partner's name is Laura Nelson, but they are not married.
The Renwald name has been confirmed by Eve Harlow who plays David's daughter - plus I've read it in a script- so yes, I'm sure ;-)

Noca Scotia News - January 21, 2008

"Series focuses on coast guard",
by Tim Arsenault
Read Arsenault's article

Victoria Times Colonist - January 20, 2008

"Steve Bacic is feeling at home",
by Ted Shaw
Read Steve Bacic's interview

Toronto Sun - January 20, 2008

"Honour to be in 'The Guard'",
by Bill Harris
Read David James Elliott's interview

Vancouver Sun - January 18, 2008

"Canadian productions get boost from U.S. strike",
by Marke Andrews
Read article - it has a few mentions of The Guard.

The Province - October 31, 2008

"Uncharted Waters",
by Dana Gee
The thumbnails opens PDF files.

The Province page 1, 378 kb The Province, page 3, 447 kb

Media in Canada - 2007 December 7

"Global unveils mid-season shows"
Read the article on Media in Canada

Sea to Sky News - 2007 November 7

"Squamish – God’s backlot
Squamish’s natural scenery and industrial infrastructure make for beautiful pictures"
Read the article on Sea to Sky News
By Alan Forsyth

Victoria Times Colonist - 2007 October 28

"They stand guard for thee and TV"
Read the article in The Victoria Times Colonist

Playback Magazine - 2007 October 15

"Search & Rescue in the hunt for viewers"
Read the article in Playback

2007 October 3

Canadian David James Elliott to guest star on new original drama ‘SEARCH & RESCUE’
Read the complete Press Relase
The link opens an Adobe PDF file.

2007 September 24

Read the complete Press Release
The link opens an Adobe PDF file.

SAR in Sea to Sky News

Real Squamish SAR, May 5th 2007
Real Squamish SAR, May 17th 2007
Real Squamish SAR, July 19th 2007
SAR - tv series, July 19th 2007

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