Sonya Salomaa of The Guard

Sonya Salomaa stars as ambitious engineer and first mate Laura Nelson. She describes Laura as “very type A, very by the book. It’s very important to her to have rules and stick to them and, because of that, she sometimes comes across as a little uptight.”

Born in Sudbury, Ontario, Salomaa’s family moved to Salmon Arm, British Columbia when she was four. Salomaa studied Forestry at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, working summers in the bush. During her last summer break, she went to Victoria where she sang and played guitar at open mic nights. While in Victoria, she took an acting workshop and, before it was over, she was being asked to audition for professional gigs. She now makes her home in Vancouver.

She has acted with Steve Bacic several times before - as Rachel in Firefight, as Aurelia in two episodes of Andromeda, as Cherise in The Toothfairy(2006), aw Ashley Aikens in All She Wants for Christmas, and as Athena in Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists.

Sonya Salomaa as Athena in Odysseus

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