Episode 1x01 - Waheguru

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Andrew fails to save a Sikh woman and her children from drowning; Miro falls into a credit card scam.

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The Crew on their MLB

Miro in the helo
Chopper at twilight
Claudette in the helo
Searching in the mist
Chopper crew returning with a rescuee

Chopper at twilight

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  • Steve Bacic as Miro Da Silva
  • Jeremy Guilbaut as Andrew Vanderlee
  • Zoie Palmer as Carly Greig
  • Claudette Mink as Laura Nelson

Special Guest Star

  • David James Elliott as David Renwald


  • Ryan Robbins as Wendell Linham
  • Mieko Ouchi as Nori Sato
  • Gordon Woolvett as Barry Winter
  • Julie Patzwald as Amy Vanderlee
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Ursula, motel owner
  • Eve Harlow as Tina Renwald
  • David Lewis as Ted the minister

Guest Stars

  • Parker Jay as Farid Singh
  • Jeff C. Ballard as Duff, the young seaman
  • Taya Calicetto as Libby Vanderlee, 9 years
  • Brianna Russell as Ellie Vanderlee
  • Mar Andersons as Tim Vanderlee, Andrew's brother
  • Frank C. Turner as Walt Grimsby (at the diner)
  • Agam Darshi as Dharma Singh, drowning victim
  • Armaun Mangat as Navbir
  • Mark Acheson as Davis
  • Anna Mae Routledge as Oxana
  • Paul Jarrett as Rick
  • Lucinda Emily Cullen as Woman (at bar)
  • Mark McConchie as Fisherman
  • Stephen Powell as Helicopter Pilot
  • Luis Javier as Hypothermic Man
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Script by Raymond Storey, directed by Ernie Barbarash

Miro: I made the call - I stand by my crew.

Laura: Miro Da Silva was an immature ass in Coast Guard college - he hasn't changed a bit in eleven years.
Carly: Did Sato rip the golden boy a new one?
Laura: I don't know - I wasn't listening.
Carly: Yeah, right ...

Wendell: Feels right being back by the ocean - stayed away from it too long.
Carly: Where have you been?
Wendell: That smell - that's the smell of life. The ocean's natures great roiling belly, this splashing around us - the amniotic fluid of mother earth. That's what we gotta reconnect with man ... the wilderness within ourselves, restore natural order. We gotta pack out what we pack in.
Carly: Are you on crack? I smell the fish plant, salmon guts and gull poop.

Miro: Sorry - it's been a rough day.

Wendell: Slow down girl - I hardly know you.
Carly: It's okay .... I don't care.
Wendell: Maybe I do. What do you think about that?

Wendell: In case you're wondering - we didn't have sex. I don't take advantage of drunks.

The pastor: God feels exactly like you do.
Andrew: So God feels useless! That's reassuring.

Wendell: Some people have baggage. Lady, you've got the matching set on wheels.

Carly: Does everything you say sound like a bad country song?
Wendell: If you want me to leave, just tell me to go.
Carly: ...... Go.
Wendell: Alright - be that way - but if you change your mind ...
Carly: I know where you're floating.

Carly: We can't all be perfect Andrew. We can't all have a white picket fence and two point whatever it is kids and a dog and ...
Andrew: Kids and fences don't make anybody perfect.

Nori: You'll be happy to hear that the director of operations was satisfied with your report about the Singh incident.
Miro: So - that's that then?
Nori: Well, personally, I'd like to hear you say you realise it was a lapse of judgement - putting a swimmer in the water with an unsecured vehicle.
Miro: I realise that.
Nori: Humour me - try to sound convincing ...

Nori: If a 200 pound man teeters at the edge of a cliff, the 90 pound stranger standing next to him will instinctively reach over and try to save him - even if the big guy will probably take them both over the edge to their deaths.
It's a primitive reflex. Sometimes we have to fight it in order to be effective at our jobs.
Miro: That reflex ... is what gives me hope for human beings.

Barry: Please - I'm a computer nerd - nothing human disgusts me.

Barry: You're a living breathing man - I think you'll find the experience much more satisfying with a real live girl. Find one! (Miro nods)

Carly: I don't have issues.
Wendell: We all do. That's how we know we're alive.


Waheguru is a term used by Sikhs to refer to the infinite creator, God. It means "The Wonderful Lord" in the Punjabi language.

Steve Bacic and Agam Darshi were both in "Good Luck Chuck".


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