episode 1x03 - Coming Through Fog

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The Coast Guard crew learns about the resiliency of love, when a sailboat gets caught on high seas in a storm. David pushes Laura to consider custody of Tina, when itís clear heís losing his battle with progressive MS. After a visit to his Father in the nursing home, Miro is haunted by memories of Miro Seniorís infidelity. Andrewís marriage suffers as he falls deeper into a debilitating depression and Carly comes close to losing Wendell when she pushes him away in embarrassment.

We meet Miro's family, both the current version and in a flashback to his childhood.
This could explain Miro's problems with love. But in this episode he got to see other versions of love and in a rare relaxed moment with Laura, she tells him that love is messy. And she would know.

Carly also has problems with love and asks Andrew for advice. He gives it - but he too has problems with love, caused by his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Barry's problem with love is finding some privacy ...

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  • Steve Bacic as Miro Da Silva
  • Jeremy Guilbaut as Andrew Vanderlee
  • Zoie Palmer as Carly Greig
  • Claudette Mink as Laura Nelson

Special Guest Star

  • David James Elliott as David Renwald


  • Teryl Rothery as Gwen
  • Ryan Robbins as Wendell Linham
  • Mieko Ouchi as Nori Sato
  • Gordon Woolvett as Barry Winter
  • Julie Patzwald as Amy Vanderlee
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Ursula, motel owner
  • Eve Harlow as Tina Renwald

Guest Stars

  • Colin Cunningham as Eric
  • Rebecca Jenkins as Joanne
  • Scott Hylands as Miro Senior
  • Laura Soltis as Irene, Miro's sister
  • Taya Calicette as Lib Vanderlee
  • Brianna Russell as Ellie Vanderlee
  • Robyn Driscoll as Motorist
  • Jan Bos as Brian
  • Karen Kruper as Leslie
  • Holly Eglinton as Woman
  • Steven David Bacic as Young Miro
  • Nattalia Hadden as Red Headed Woman
  • Christine Anton as Miro's Mother
  • Elizabeth Bowen as Nurse
  • Lucas Margetson as Teen Dealing Kid
  • Patricia Drake as Stress Counselor
  • Bronwen Smith as Waitress at the motel
  • Teresa Hannah as Whale Watcher 1
  • Gerald Thon as Whale Watcher 2
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Script by Raymond Storey

Laura: Stuff ... going around in my head.
David: Like what?
Laura: The promotion, being passed over ... Miro ...
David: I thought we agreed not to bring him into bed with us any more.
Laura: Yeah - just let it go, right?

Laura: What time do we have to beat?
Miro: One minute, thirty eight seconds (points at Andrew)
Laura: Let's do it!
Carly: Piece of cake.

Miro: Time: Five minutes thirtytwo seconds!

Laura (to Miro): The purpose of exercises is to hone skill, not entertain little minds

Wendell(to the whale watchers): Ladies and Gents - We'll be landing in Port Hallet shortly, please put your tray tables in the upright position. On behalf of the captain and myself we thank you for flying Air Orca.

Joanna: The last time I had this much fun, I was cleaning up the oven. And that was warmer.

Barry: Speaking of wild weekends - a women named Irene called for you - twice.
Miro: you're too funny. It's no woman - it's my sister.

Laura: I was out of line.
Miro: Were you? I didn't notice. Anything else?
Laura: No, that's it.

Irene: Just be there at noon, okay. I've only got that room at the home for two hours.
Miro: Okay - I'll try. It depends on the ferry. Weather forecast is iffy.
Irene: Try nothing Your Highness. You be there or there's hell to pay.

Gwen: Hey! Miro - remember me?
Miro (to himself): Oh shit ...

Waitress: Hot beef sandwich?
Miro: Thanks.
Waitress: This will be a cash transaction?
Miro: Yes.
Waitress: Just checking.

Gwen: Do you have any plans for this evening?
Miro: Tonight? It's not good for me. I got a meeting.
Gwen: You've got a meeting?
Miro: Yeah. It's coast guard stuff.
Gwen: YOU frigging jerk! You know what you are? You're an adolescent, you're an emotionally stunted post-pubescent amateur!
Miro: Would you just .... there's no need to embarras the both of us.
Gwen: Or what? You're embarassed? YOU are embarassed? You used me for the best sex you ever had in your pathetic little man life (wiggles pinkie finger) and then you leave me hanging out to dry. (fumbles for coins)
Miro: It's okay - I've got your coffee.
Gwen: You know what buddy? You can just kiss this ass and wave it goodbye.


ELT - Emergency Locator/transmitter. Real Coast Guard members have pointed out that an ELT is used on planes.
For marine use, it would have been an EPIRB, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. But maybe it wouldn't fit in a port-a-potty?

The radio use in The Guard is not true to life.


Why didn't Miro just say he had a family birthday to attend? Miro's family lives in the area - is he local? If Barry's his best friend, how come Barry doesn't know about Miro's sister Irene?

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